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💚 We’re Introducing 2 new line’s to our BRAND!

Handmade in small batches with the intentions set and cleansed with our #sage before anything gets poured into their individual container.

Each item will come with it’s information card on also how to set your intention, how to use, and our ingredients!

(1) Our Handmade, 2oz. Sage Cleansing Spray infused with our dried herbs and essential oils to cleanse your space and mind.…. This “Sage You Later!” room spray has a very long detailed process to create from tincturing our herbs/flowers; (Lavender, rosemary, Sage, lotus seed, lemon grass, & Himalayan salt) to boiling in distilled water and seeped for over 2 hours, once completely cooled down we then strain and add our Full moon water (1/2 and 1/2) made with Clear Quartz Harvest Full moon water (September 20th full moon) added essential oils (lavender, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Frankincense, lemon grass, Rosemary, white tea, and sandalwood)

This cleansing spray is a great alternative to burning your Sage. With its sweet, clean, calming scent, We’re sure you all will can enjoy!

(2) Prosperity and Abundance Candles: We begin with clearing our minds and cleansing our crystals, jar, herbs, with positive intentions and sage. This process is done with every product we create! Green Aventurine and Citrine Crystals are chosen for their great luck and abundance qualities.

We’ve rimmed our jars in the herbs and crystals used for inside of this candle. This candle has handpicked chips, Rose Petals on the rim and inside the jar. The beautiful Green color represents for good luck and wealth and will help manifest your efforts. We make the color and set it aside to add when wax reaches the appropriate temperature, too.

We also suggest writing your intentions down and sitting them under the glass!

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